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Mission Statement

The goal of the REACH Youth Advisory Board is to uplift teens’ voices and ideas through all stages of clinical research. In doing so, our science will be stronger and more impactful for teens. 

Reach YAB Community Guidelines


  1. We will build a community that supports people of all identities. We welcome individuals of all races, ethnicities, national origins, socioeconomic statuses, veteran statuses, ages, gender identities, gender expressions, sexes, sexual orientations, disability statuses, religions, heights, and weights. 

  2. All forms of racism, harassment, and discrimination are not ok or allowed. We will work to make a board that is inclusive and safe for all members. This means we will name times that we hear or see these forms of hatred, and we will talk about it to process these experiences. It is impossible for one person or even a few people to see and hear everything. We ask that you also join us in this commitment.

  3. If members have concerns about any interactions within this board, there is way to tell leadership and we will take actions in response to your concerns, outlined below:

    • First, please let us know! You have two options for how to do this:

      • You can fill out an anonymous qualtrics survey (link here) and describe your concerns.

      • You can email the YAB leadership directly (  

      • Either way, we will ask about your concern(s) and your preferences for how you would like us to respond. We can also work together to change these procedures as needed. 

      • It also is important to say that although the qualtrics survey is technically anonymous, our board is small and complete privacy may be hard to promise.

    • REACH YAB leadership will then talk about the concern(s) together and decide on next steps, taking into account your preferences for resolving the issue. 


  • We will talk about appropriate use of language when talking about mental health and other related experiences (e.g., when to use person-centered language). 

  • We will use board members' pronouns, and we will apologize and correct mistakes. To help with this, we ask that members include their pronouns in their Zoom name if they are comfortable. 

  • We will work to ensure that all viewpoints are heard. If we notice that a group member has not had the chance to speak we may ask that person if they would like to. Group members always have the chance to pass.

  • Email will be our main way to contact one another between meetings. We will all check our email often and respond to board meeting emails within 1 week. 

  • Meetings will be held over Zoom. There will be times when we have technical difficulties, interrupt each other, or forget we are (or are not!) muted. We will show each other grace when these things happen while also working to lessen their impact on the group.


  • Everything we talked about  in the REACH YAB is confidential, and all board members will keep information shared in meetings private. This includes personal information or experiences shared by other board group members, data or findings from research projects shared by group leaders (that are not yet public), study ideas or proposals, either planned or ongoing, or any other information shared in meetings. 

  • This means that what is said in the board meeting stays in the board meeting and should not be shared with other people, on social media, or through other means, unless permission to share is given by all members. No one will take screenshots, images, or videos at any REACH YAB meeting or of any REACH YAB members or materials. 

  • This also means that it is important for board members to attend board meetings in a place where they have privacy so others who are not part of the REACH YAB cannot hear the conversation or see other board members on Zoom. 

  • We cannot 100% guarantee privacy, though it is highly encouraged and expected that all board members will follow this community guideline and maintain other members’ privacy. 


Exceptions to confidentiality: We may have to break this confidentiality if a board member shares information suggesting that they may be in danger or could be a danger to others. If this happens, the board leadership will work with the board member and take actions to ensure everyone’s safety

(see safety document for more details).

How is this board different from group therapy?

  • The REACH Youth Advisory Board is not group therapy. We are not providing any treatment or direct group mental health support.

  • The REACH Youth Advisory Board serves instead to promote youth involvement and include youth perspectives in mental health research activities. Although board members may share personal experiences about their mental health with the board, the board is not a venue for receiving treatment for mental health.

  • If a REACH board member needs mental health support, leadership may help the board member identify appropriate mental health supports, such as referrals to treatment or online resources.

  • Note: Although we provide board members with an anonymous avenue to report concerns about behavior within the REACH YAB, the anonymous qualtrics form is not an appropriate place to share mental health concerns. This includes but is not limited to difficulties related to risk for self-harm or suicide. If a REACH YAB member reports risk of harm to themselves or others using the anonymous qualtrics form, we will be required to meet with each board member individually to discuss and assess mental health safety risk. 


  • Meetings will be held once per month on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 5:30-6:30pm EST (4:30-5:30 CST; 3:30-4:30 MST; 2:30-3:30 PST).

  • All board members will commit to attending 9 out of 12 yearly meetings.

  • All board members will tell leadership when they cannot atend meetings at least 24 hours ahead of time. 

  • All board members will commit to serving on the board for a one year term.

  • Board members will be paid for their time attending monthly meetings ($15/hour) and for any work reviewing materials or working with other board members between meetings (up to 1 hour per month, $15/hour).  

  • Continued membership on the board is based on attendance and engagement at the scheduled REACH meetings. 

What is my role on the REACH Youth Advisory Board?

My role as a member of the REACH Youth Advisory Board (REACH YAB) is that of a valuable contributor to teen views on mental health. You will provide input on mental health research relevant to your experiences.

I have read the Mission Statement and REACH YAB Community Guidelines above, and I agree to the following:

  • I agree to follow the guidelines outlined above regarding respect within the REACH YAB.

  • I agree to follow the guidelines outlined above regarding communication within the REACH YAB.

  • I understand and agree to the guidelines regarding confidentiality within the REACH YAB. I agree to keep all information shared in meetings private and will not discuss this information with people other than members of the REACH YAB. I will not take screenshots, images, or videos at any REACH YAB meeting or of any REACH YAB members or materials. This means that what is said in the REACH YAB meetings, stays in meetings and should not be shared with other people in conversation, on social media, or through other means

  • I understand the exceptions to confidentiality within the REACH YAB. I understand that information about me may be shared if YAB Leadership learns that I may be in danger or could be a danger to others. If this happens, YAB Leadership will work with me to ensure the safety of myself and others (see safety document)

  • I agree to the expectations for attendance outlined above, and I agree to attend at least 9 of 12 monthly REACH YAB meetings during my one-year term.

  • I understand that the REACH YAB does not serve as group therapy, and I will not receive treatment or any services for mental health through the REACH YAB. 


Statement of agreement: 

As a member of the REACH Youth Advisory Board, I agree to uphold the mission of the REACH YAB. I have read the information above, community guidelines, and safety procedures and promise to adhere to these standards.


Signature: _________________________________   Date:____________________________


Contact telephone #: _______________________


Email address:_____________________________

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